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Born in France to a Senegalese father from Dakar (a former European boxing champion) and a Parisian mother, Laurence grew up in Paris and has lived in Italy for numerous years. After graduating from a classics high school in France, she decided to dedicate herself to fashion, which had always been her great passion.


The idea of Tátálòlòo was born from the forms and the purity of tribal aesthetics, in particular from that of Western Africa. Tátálòlòo is a collection of jewelry in silver and semi-precious stones, inspired by bijoux and traditional tribal objects from African Sub-Saharan societies, revisited in their rigorous geometries and re-elaborated with a new touch by way of a contemporary design that is absolutely personal and inedited. The new Tátálòlòo collection utilizes the metal considered most mystic on the Black Continent: bronze, which then transmits its evocative force to the jewelry styled by Laurence. Drawing from the spring of an Africa that is dear to her, Laurence creates a strong bond with the contemporary and yet always remains faithful to her dual French and Senegalese cultures. With the new Tátálòlòo collection, Laurence wanted a somewhat hybrid line that married, with balance and elegance, that which represents for her the essence of a contemporary jewel: strong expressivity in the design and exaltation of the original material. Fascinated by the idea of a unique and forceful jewel, she overturns the rules of “conventional” jewelry, setting diamonds in bronze rings and patinating the surface in gold, achieving an effect similar to raw bronze.  The new collection Petra of Tátálòlòo proposes a new texture, the “metal lace” achieved with irregular nuggets of varying dimensions. The production techniques used are lost wax casting, hammering, embossing, and engraving. All models can be produced in bronze, in silver 925, or in gold 750. Some creations are embellished with precious and semi-precious stones set in the metal.

The idea of uniting two “languages” of diverse origins (METROPOLITAN and AFRICAN) also clearly expresses itself in the dawning collection of Tátálòlòo bags. The concept of Tátálòlòo seeks to underline a strong identity and a spirit that is international but unrecognized. For this first line, an initial model available in varied versions has been created. The bags are made with vivacious fabrics used by the women of Black Africa, the so-called “wax” (hyper-colored) united with the prized skins of Italian tanneries to create an accessory both exclusive and glam, both fascinating and unusual.

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